Major speeches on Bremain and Brexit

The campaign on the referendum for the UK to Remain or to Leave the EU is heating up. There is a lot of noise, and a good deal of mud slinging.  There are suggestions from the Remain camp that were the UK to Leave, the beneficiaries would be Putin’s Russia, ISIS, and “populists” across the Europe. From the Leave camp come statements that the EU is already an undemocratic superstate in the making, and were the UK to stay, it will become

a province of a United States of Europe.

The arguments however have been incisive on both sides. My suggestions is that those of you who want to be informed should not listen to the mudslinging at lower levels. Because the stakes are high, inevitably personal relations are being put to the test. My intent in choosing the following statements is that voters in the UK, and interested observers from without, can get access to excellent presentations on both positions. The choice is predicated on my judgement of sound and informative speeches by leaders on both sides.

The discerning among you will recognise the weak points in both cases, and hopefully come to your own conclusions, or confirm your own views on which way the voting should go.


Prime Minister, David Cameron statement on Europe referendum: House of Commons:

Sir John Major, Why Britain Should Remain in the EU : Oxford Union

Lord Hague, Why a Eurosceptic Should Vote to Remain: Chatham House


Sir John Major and Tony Blair in Northern Ireland,


Nigel Lawson, Margaret Thatchers Chancellor of the Exchequer,  Making the Case for Brexit: Chatham House

Boris Johnson barnstorming Brexit speech “We happy few” – YouTube

Vote Leave – Lord Owen Gives Speech On BREXIT – YouTube


About Jonathan Story, Professor Emeritus, INSEAD

Jonathan Story is Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy at INSEAD. Prior to joining INSEAD in 1974, he worked in Brussels and Washington, where he obtained his PhD from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He has held the Marusi Chair of Global Business at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is currently Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Graduate Schoold of Business, Fordham University, New York. He is preparing a monograph on China’s impact on the world political economy, and another on a proposal for a contextual approach to business studies. He has a chapter forthcoming on the Euro crisis. His latest book is China UnCovered: What you need to know to do business in China, (FT/ Pearson’s, 2010) ( His previous books include “China: The Race to Market” (FT/Pearsons, 2003), The Frontiers of Fortune, (Pitman’s, 1999); and The Political Economy of Financial Integration in Europe : The Battle of the Systems,(MIT Press, 1998) on monetary union and financial markets in the EU, and co-authored with Ingo Walter of NYU. His books have been translated into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Arabic. He is also a co-author in the Oxford Handbook on Business and Government(2010), and has contributed numerous chapters in books and articles in professional journals. He is a regular contributor to newspapers, and has been four times winner of the European Case Clearing House “Best Case of the Year” award. His latest cases detail hotel investments in Egypt and Argentina, as well as a women’s garment manufacturer in Sri Lanka and a Chinese auto parts producer. He teaches courses on international business and the global political economy. At the INSEAD campus, in Fontainebleau and Singapore, he has taught European and world politics, markets, and business in the MBA, and PhD programs. He has taught on INSEAD’s flagship Advanced Management Programme for the last three decades, as well as on other Executive Development and Company Specific courses. Jonathan Story works with governments, international organisations and multinational corporations. He is married with four children, and, now, thirteen grandchildren. Besides English, he is fluent in French, German, Spanish, Italian, reads Portuguese and is learning Russian. He has a bass voice, and gives concerts, including Afro-American spirituals, Russian folk, classical opera and oratorio.
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1 Response to Major speeches on Bremain and Brexit

  1. Philip Lingard says:

    Amazed nobody in the ITV debate has picked up on a major Boris blunder. He argued passionately to leave the single market in order to control immigration then in the next section blithely stated Britain would remain in the single market post-Brexit to save British jobs….


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