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Welcome to my blog. To see my posts, choose a category from the menu above. I regularly add material, including pieces from two decades ago to more recent pieces . These include newspaper articles,one on HR problems for multi-nationals operating in China; on  the Euro crisis and German primacy; on world political and business trends in the fourth decade of the modern globalization era; or a think piece on the intellectual development of business schools. I have posted a case study for use in business schools on Turkey–a fascinating country which deserves attention. Recently, I have posted on Brexit, the US, China, Europe, and recently on the culture wars and the covid crisis. I am also a bass singer, so please visit the “music” category.

20 Responses to Welcome page

  1. Uwe says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    it is like always a pleasure to read your stuff. It is like a breaze of fresh air!
    Your observation about China…state of the art and very useful
    All the best for you!


  2. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmai.com says:

    Impressive background.l am from Iraq and taught Middle eastern affairs.Iran is part of that region.Thank you for following my site..hope to hear from you again.Best regards.jalal


  3. Hi Jonathan,

    As always, a pleasure to follow your activity. If you ever decide to pull out the Iran case from its fall, let me know!




  4. Jonathan, your perspective on the relation of world affairs to business is refreshing and distinctive. Always enjoy reading what you produce. David


  5. Click here! says:

    Great site you\’ve got here.. It\’s hard to find good quality writing like
    yours these days. I honestly applreciate people
    like you! Take care!!


  6. Mark A says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I recently stumbled upon your website. I think you analysis of European affairs, particularly the EU, is fascinating. I will be regularly visiting your site. Keep up the great work!



  7. Anders Fogelström says:

    Dear Jonathan Story, Amazing, knowledgeable and coherent analysis. Suddenly it all falls into place and the world situation makes sense. On top of it highly readable. It makes you pessimistic, though, but that is the price of lucidity. / Anders F. MBA INSEAD 1976 (but studied for Guy de Carmoy).


  8. John Lamble says:

    I didn’t know the facts about Tommy Robinson until I read your post and was unlikely to get them from the mainstream media in Britain. Suppressing dissemination of information deemed inconvenient by UK elites is a national characteristic of Britain and a deeply sinister one IMHO.


  9. Clare says:

    Professor Story,
    I have just been informed about this website. Great work.
    I still really appreciate everything I learned from you. Thank you.
    Your birds eye perspective on global economic and geopolitical issues is insightful.
    I look forward to following your blog.
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year.
    Clare Mukolwe-Gallazzini
    (nee’ Mukolwe)


  10. Many thanks,Clare. Send me your news at my email, jonathan.story@insead.edu
    all the best


  11. Clare says:

    You are welcome Professor Story! I will email you.
    Thank you,


  12. Sue McInerney says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Reading the FT this morning I came a cross your comment on German Hedgemony and am enjoying reading your blog article. Great work!



  13. avobu says:

    dear Jonathan, thank you for returning to campus this weekend and delivering your much. needed insights! Please keep feeding your blog. And stay well, Alexis


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