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The year of Covid 19: Political Religion and the Culture Wars. Part 2.3: The EU’s legacy, 1492-1789: Europe enters into the Devil’s Anus.

This is the fourth chapter in the series on cultural wars. The first essay sets the scene in the post-1990 decades; the second takes us back to the Jewish, Greek, Roman and Christian roots of European culture; the third essay … Continue reading

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The Year of Covid 19: Political Religion and the Culture Wars: Part 2.2: The EU’s Legacy from the Middle Ages.

This is the third article in the series on political religions and the culture wars. In the first, I discuss “the Great Re-Set”- The year of Covid-19: political religion and the culture wars.Part 1. The Great Re_set is the semi-official programme for the world … Continue reading

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The UK Internal Market Bill: Supranational v. International law

On 6 September, the FT and The Guardian   reported that the UK government planned to draw up new legislation regarding the UK’s internal market. The FT headline asserted that the government’s bill was intended to “bypass the withdrawal agreement’s … Continue reading

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