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Eastern Outlook: Can Asia sustain the world? GlobeAsia, Indonesia, February 2012.

My article about 2012 prospects for Asia and the world economy is published here in GlobeAsia, Indonesia. Indonesia_GlobeAsia_Knowledge_Story(Feb)[4] copy

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Cracking Up? 2012 will be a make-or-brake year for the global economy, say experts, China Daily, Asia Weekly, January 6-12, 2012

A global recession is a strong possibility in 2012 which is predicted to be a year of make or break with growth projected at between 3 and 4 %. Economists believe unless Europe’s debt turmoil subsides and the US economy … Continue reading

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Crucial test lies ahead: clouded prospects in developed markets cast a shadow over outlook for trade and economy in Asia, China Daily, Asia Weekly, January 6-12, 2012

Two key forces that have driven Asia’s transformation for decades can be counted on to continue apace in the coming year. These are economic development and China’s rise. But individual Asian countries will struggle to balance domestic and international imperatives … Continue reading

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