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Is China’s growth engine slowing?

Here is the url for this webinar: http://youtu.be/cAz4-aDj2g8 My theme is that we have to be very careful in analyzing China. For thirty years, there have been prophecies that China’s growth engine will slow down; that the financial system will … Continue reading

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The Euro crisis and German primacy

Abstract: The main lesson from the crisis of the Euro, starting in 2008, is Germany’s assertion of primacy. The intent of the EU integration process was to put an end to what has been termed the “Westphalian” system of self-governing … Continue reading

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Reaching Across the Market: The global dynamics of business-state relations, with Thomas Lawton, Professor of Strategic Management at Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, UK.Chapter 4,pp.346-380. The Oxford Handbook of Business and Government, Oxford University Press, 2010. Eds, David Coen, Wyn Grant, Graham Wilson

Business people increasingly ask “how can we make corporate strategy in such a volatile world?” An answer to the question requires us to take a more holistic approach to corporate strategy and company policy than we conventionally do when considering … Continue reading

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Turkey: Between Ataturk and Islam: ECCH reference no 211-034-1.

  The case, finished in July 2011,  is an update of Turkey 2004, which received an ecch prize. It reviews the history, politics, business system, foreign policies of Turkey in a global setting. This case is part of a rolling … Continue reading

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“Financial Restructuring in the age of the Euro: Still a Battle of Systems”, extracts from chapter in The State of the European Union Vol.7. With US or against US? European Trends in American perspective. Ed by Nicholas Jabko, Craig Parsons, Oxford University Press, 2005.

On January 1, 2002, eleven countries in the EU adopted Euro-notes and coins for retail use, thereby taking the EU a step closer to business conditions in theUS. Yet implementing corporate strategies acrossEuropeis still heavily conditioned by different national jurisdictions, … Continue reading

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