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Country risk analysis-more than a postmodern discipline

Country risk assessment asks two distinct questions about any country: what is the political risk of an investment in the territory? And is the country solvent? The investment may be in the country’s currency, bond or equity markets, or it … Continue reading

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European Monetary Union: An assessment in its first decade.

This is an assessment that I made of monetary union, the EU’s most ambitious project to date. It was written, I believe, in 2007, and predates the 2008 great crash, followed by the Greek meltdown. For my views on these … Continue reading

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Stefan Halper, The Beijing Consensus : How China’s Authoritarian Model will Dominate the Twenty-First Century,New York, Basic Books, 2010.

When Stephen Halper began to consider China’s development, he shared the widespread view that the country’s adoption of a market economy would lead towards democratisation. But he became less and less convinced that the story ofChina’s convergence on the “West” … Continue reading

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