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Financial Restructuring in the Age of the Euro, in The State of the European Union: With US or Against US? European Trends in American Perspective. Vol 7, edited by Nicolas Jabko and Craig Parsons, Oxford University Press, 2005. pp. 219-251.

President Hollande has just attended his first European Council meeting, where he has conveyed his view that the EU should engage on an ambitious growth policy, the heart of which he suggested should be that all Euroland member states underwrite … Continue reading

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Consulting: context matters

My specialism is linking context, political, economic, social, to corporate policy. That is what I have been working on for over four decades. So if you wish to have me present at one of your events, please get in touch … Continue reading

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Why go to China? Part I. This article appears in: http://www.chinnovate.com/why-go-to-china-part-i/

Why invest in China? many managers ask. The neat answer is: don’t, unless you’ve got a great business proposition, which stands out as more promising than, say, a project in Brazil or Turkey. The reason is that doing business there … Continue reading

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