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President Obama and Brexit.

In an open letter to President Obama, five MPs and MEP Nigel Farage have called on the US President to stay out of the EU debate. “With so much at stake, they write, it is imperative that the question of exiting … Continue reading

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Will Hutton on the Enlightenment and Europe

The Ukip/Tory rhetoric on EU immigration strikes at the very values that make us quintessentially European. This is the title of a vigorous article penned by Will Hutton in the Observer of October 26 2014. The article is well worth … Continue reading

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European social democracy: facing the void in an age of austerity.

Peter Mair, Ruling the Void: The Hollowing of Western Democracy. London, Verso, 2013; Armin Schäfer, Wolfgang Streeck, Politics in the Age of Austerity, Cambridge U.K., Polity Press, 2013. That the EU is in crisis, no one can doubt. Their flagship … Continue reading

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The Middle East: War, Democracy and Modernisation, chapter for the WEF Arab summit August 2002

The Middle East: War, Democracy and Modernisation This chapter was written for the World Economic Forum Arab summit meeting, held in Davos August 2002. I wrote the introduction to a volume of well-written chapters. But having perused them, I concluded … Continue reading

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David Gilmour, The Ruling Caste: Imperial Lives in the Victorian Raj, London, John Murray, 2005.

David Gilmour opens his history of the lives of the men who served in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) by citing Joseph Stalin’s remarks to the anglophobe Joachim von Ribbentrop(nicknamed in the London of the 1930s where he served as Hitler’s … Continue reading

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George Walden : China : A Wolf at the Door ? London, Gibson Square, 2008.

There is a ton of books now hitting the stands about China, each peddling its own version of China as a country in transformation to becoming, variously, an 800 pound guerilla on the world stage, a member of the democratic … Continue reading

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