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America and the World: Part II. American century or Asian century?

How fares the American Century  is a common question running through our three books. Joseph Nye, in Is The American Century Over?  locates its starting date from February 1941, when Henry Luce, editor and owner of Life magazine, wrote an … Continue reading

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Part IV: A Critical Assessment of John Gillingham’s Obituary for Europe.

Gillingham’s case for the prosecution is damning. But what is the case for defence? Definitely, defence in the present climate is no easy task. Assessments of the EU record that business as usual points to a downward track of growth … Continue reading

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The Euro crisis and German primacy

Abstract: The main lesson from the crisis of the Euro, starting in 2008, is Germany’s assertion of primacy. The intent of the EU integration process was to put an end to what has been termed the “Westphalian” system of self-governing … Continue reading

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Eastern Outlook: Can Asia sustain the world? GlobeAsia, Indonesia, February 2012.

My article about 2012 prospects for Asia and the world economy is published here in GlobeAsia, Indonesia. Indonesia_GlobeAsia_Knowledge_Story(Feb)[4] copy

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Crucial test lies ahead: clouded prospects in developed markets cast a shadow over outlook for trade and economy in Asia, China Daily, Asia Weekly, January 6-12, 2012

Two key forces that have driven Asia’s transformation for decades can be counted on to continue apace in the coming year. These are economic development and China’s rise. But individual Asian countries will struggle to balance domestic and international imperatives … Continue reading

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Europe: Great Absent or Great Power? The European Business Review, November-December 2010, pp.55-58.

A good foreign policy, it has always been recognized, starts at home. Judged by this measure,Europe’s foreign policy must be in deep trouble. Output remains 7% below the pre-crisis trend, public debt levels have reached all-time highs; banks remain fragile; … Continue reading

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