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White Trash in the UK: The revenge of the June 23, 2016 vote: Part I. Policies and the economy.

A central feature of the June 23, 2016 vote on whether or not to stay in the EU is that the poorer you were, the more you tended to vote Leave.[1]The so-called “nothing to lose” electorate voted heavily against membership: … Continue reading

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Cracking Up? 2012 will be a make-or-brake year for the global economy, say experts, China Daily, Asia Weekly, January 6-12, 2012

A global recession is a strong possibility in 2012 which is predicted to be a year of make or break with growth projected at between 3 and 4 %. Economists believe unless Europe’s debt turmoil subsides and the US economy … Continue reading

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China in the global business system: Wrecker or stakeholder?

Abstract In the western debate about China’s emergence, two contending, contrasting views of China may be heard. One holds that China is a threat to the global polity, ruthlessly pursuing its mercantilist and nationalist agenda. The other holds that China … Continue reading

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Stefan Halper, The Beijing Consensus : How China’s Authoritarian Model will Dominate the Twenty-First Century,New York, Basic Books, 2010.

When Stephen Halper began to consider China’s development, he shared the widespread view that the country’s adoption of a market economy would lead towards democratisation. But he became less and less convinced that the story ofChina’s convergence on the “West” … Continue reading

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