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Is China’s growth engine slowing?

Here is the url for this webinar: http://youtu.be/cAz4-aDj2g8 My theme is that we have to be very careful in analyzing China. For thirty years, there have been prophecies that China’s growth engine will slow down; that the financial system will … Continue reading

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Financial Restructuring in the Age of the Euro, in The State of the European Union: With US or Against US? European Trends in American Perspective. Vol 7, edited by Nicolas Jabko and Craig Parsons, Oxford University Press, 2005. pp. 219-251.

President Hollande has just attended his first European Council meeting, where he has conveyed his view that the EU should engage on an ambitious growth policy, the heart of which he suggested should be that all Euroland member states underwrite … Continue reading

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Barbarians bringing tribute to the emperor, Salisbury Review, Spring 2012, vol.30. no.3.pp.13-15

The next few years are likely to witness strains in the US-China relations, as Beijing moves away from former leader, Deng Xiao Ping’s advice, encapsulated in the phrase: “Observe developments soberly, maintain our position, meet challenges calmly, hide our capacities … Continue reading

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China in the global business system: Wrecker or stakeholder?

Abstract In the western debate about China’s emergence, two contending, contrasting views of China may be heard. One holds that China is a threat to the global polity, ruthlessly pursuing its mercantilist and nationalist agenda. The other holds that China … Continue reading

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