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China in the World: Chapter 3 Sino-US relations – a stable instability.

There is a paradox at the heart of Sino-US relations: as Professor Yan Xuetong has written, they are inherently unstable;[1] yet the structure in which their relations is cast is very stable indeed. They are stable in the sense that … Continue reading

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Germany on top, Europe in trouble. Discuss. Part 2. European Disintegration?

Douglas Webber’s is a very different book, but it is also very complimentary to Bulmer’s and Paterson’s Germany and the European Union. Both hold a question mark in the title, and both place Germany centre stage, but Webber’s subject is … Continue reading

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Deborah Cadbury, Princes at War: The British Royal Family’s Private Battle in the Second World War, Bloomsbury, 2015.

This is the story of a European royal family whose matriarch, Queen Victoria, had sought to maintain royal power through the dynastic marriages of her forty-two grandchildren, from her marriage with her beloved Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg. When they gathered … Continue reading

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‘Monetary Union: Economic Competition, Political Negotiation’, in: The Franco-German Relationship in the European Union, ed. Douglas Webber, Routledge.2000.

Here is a chapter of mine from Douglas Webber’s edited volume of 2000 about Franco-German relations. The volume covers many aspects of the key EU relationship. My contribution deals withthe start and launch of the Euro. The main theme is that … Continue reading

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Russia, China and the global financial crisis, published in French in l’essentiel des relations internationales, Janvier/février 2009.pp 42-46

    August 8,2008 is a date to be remembered as the day when the Beijing Games opened andRussiainvadedGeorgia. The opening ceremony’s grandeur spoke toChina’s millennial past, and its claim to status of the first rank in world affairs.Russia’s invasion of Georgian … Continue reading

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